My Mission

My mission in life is to help people identify and navigate past the barriers that hinder them from growing to their potential.

Our journeys may be unique, but we all run into barriers along the way. It can be hard to see past them, and at times, even know what those barriers are. With my problem solving skills and training I analyze the big picture and break it down to its parts. Through this process I am able to help others see the unseen, learn, and grow. This is achieved through a combination of coaching, teaching, and consulting that is custom tailored to the individual or group I am working with.

My Story

From my earliest working days, I enjoyed being part of a team that worked well together and achieved success in what they did. It did not take long to notice differences between my various supervisors and the impact they had on the team. Some were able to inspire and help the team grow, achieving new levels of success. Others were either neutral or had a detrimental effect on the performance of the team. As I moved up in the ranks, I loved to teach others and see them succeed and grow. Sensing my passion for leadership, I made a commitment to be a leader of integrity who would pour into his team, even when it meant tough or unpopular decisions. This has always served me well and wherever I went, I always seemed to quickly rise up into leadership positions.

My early jobs provided lots of variety in my experiences as well as leadership and managerial training, providing me with a good basis for my desired career as a dentist. I graduated from dental school in 2004 and went to work in a multi-dentist practice for the next three years. I then left that practice starting my own dental office, which I ran for the next eight years. It was during this time that my past training was really put to the test and eventually hit a barrier I struggled to pass. That is when I brought in a consultant to further my training and that of my team. This led to a significant increase in production, teamwork, and overall satisfaction for myself, my team, and my patients. This experience was a real highlight moment for me as it emphasized the value in having a coach and consultant to work with. Unfortunately, the added productivity and success my business now experienced exacerbated some existing neuromuscular issues that pushed me into retirement in 2015 as I could no longer perform dentistry.

Having to walk away from dentistry was a tough decision, but it also helped me reassess what I loved to do most, and where my primary giftings lay. As a dentist, my greatest joys were from teaching my team and patients and seeing them reach new levels of success and joy in life. As I considered this, the decision became clear and I would focus on leadership development. Afterall, when leaders get better, everyone benefits. Thus, back to school I went to further hone my skills, have my new career path refined and the scope expanded.

In winter of 2017 I enrolled in the Master of Arts in Leadership and Management (MALM) program at Briercrest Seminary, completing my degree early in 2020. Not only has this program equiped me to help guide leaders in the corporate world, it resourced me for being able to assist in the intricate complexities of not-for-profit organizations and churches which have their own unique challenges often related to a heavy reliance on volunteers.

While pursuing my MALM degree, I pursued additional training to acquire certifications in Conflict Management and Team Leadership. I also pursued training with the John Maxwell Team, becoming a certified Behavioral Analysis Consultant and certified John Maxwell Coach, Trainer, and Speaker in 2018/2019.

And now, I take all my training and life experiences, and package them together to help others identify and navigate past the barriers that are preventing them from growing to their potential. It has been a crazy journey so far, one that is very different than anticipated when I started dentistry, and yet I have found my calling and look forward to continually serving others and helping them reach their next level of success!

Next Steps…

Whether you feel you need a little help or a lot, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact Me Today. I look forward to assisting you on your journey to becoming a successful leader.