Although I provide my services to a broad range of industries, my primary passion is to church and parachurch organizations. After all, is there any greater cause than helping people develop an eternal relationship with God?

How you lead your organization matters!

How can I help?

When it came time for me to switch careers, I wasn’t sure if God was calling me to be a pastor or a business/leader consultant. It took some time, but I landed at Briercrest Seminary to pursue my Master of Arts in Leadership and Management. Through this program I was able to specialize my training to be uniquely equipped to help serve churches and parachurch organizations, specifically in the realm of leadership and organizational health.

Whether you are a church struggling to break the 200 barrier, or are a larger and possibly even a multi-site church, or a parachurch organization, my training has equipped me to serve the leadership and support staff of your organization. If you are struggling with vision, structure, how to govern, volunteer shortages, or perhaps in need of conflict resolution, I am here to help.

Contact me today and lets chat and pray together to see if there is a way God can use me to serve you as you serve Him.

Can you leave the leadership of your church to trial and error?

Many are afraid to adapt corporate leadership models and principles into the church, choosing to leave things up to trial and error instead as they struggle to find a Biblical model that works. And yet, all good leadership practices stem from the Bible even if the corporate world doesn’t want to recognize their source. Still, many ministry training programs provide very little leadership and team building training, leaving pastors and their support staff to figure this out on their own.

Good news is, you are not alone!

Churches of various sizes require different leadership and team models that enable continued growth and development of the church and the body of believers. With the high reliance on volunteers compared to what the corporate world faces, it can be hard to figure out how to best utilize the gifts and abilities found within the congregation to fulfill the ministry God calls the church to. And this is where I come in!

Are you gifted in ministering the word and in need of administrative support?