Ever feel like your dental practice is not where it could be?

I am here to help you plant the seeds for tomorrow’s success!

Are you running your dental practice or is it running you?

As a former dentist I have a special passion for helping other dentists develop their office into the practice of their dreams. I know first hand how hard it can be to do dentistry and try to take the practice to the next level all on your own.

Although I had a great office and an amazing team, it wasn’t until I brought in the outside help of a coach/consultant who worked with me and my team that we were able to hit our stride and bust past the barriers that were holding us back from greater enjoyment, better quality care, and that next level of success I knew was possible.

This is why, after a health issue forced me to retire, that I chose to better equip myself to help other dentists and their teams. Through my coaching, consulting, and training services, I can help your practice reach its next level of success. If you would like to take your practice to the next level, and experience the joy of receiving testimonials like the one below, contact me today for a complementary consultation.

How can I serve you?

After getting to know your specific goals and needs, I work with you to create a customized training program for you and your team. This customized comprehensive training engages the six core areas of a dental practice, centered around patient care and flow through the office – after all, patients are the life of any practice.

Through this cycle of training and evaluation we cover over forty different services and areas of growth to maximize the potential of your practice. This level of comprehensiveness allows for flexibility in the training to ensure we cover your most pressing needs as well as the foundational building blocks for a successful practice for years to come.