Resources, Training, & Coaching to Elevate Your Leadership!

Whether you are looking to elevate your leadership skills through self-study, group masterminds & workshops, or one-on-one training & coaching, you have come to the right place.

As a member of CAPA PRO and the John Maxwell Team I have ample resources for which I have been trained and certified in that can be used to support you on your journey towards being a better leader.
Not sure which of these great resources is right for you? I would be happy to guide you.

Where are you at in your leadership journey?

As you explore these resource options and consider which one might be right for you, also consider how best to proceed with that resource.
Although there is value in reading and implementing each of these resources on your own, the value of working through the material with other people cannot be overstated.
Each of us has a unique perspective that arises out of our past experiences. When these are shared in facilitated group settings or one-on-one coaching sessions, they provide unique learning opportunities and encouragement you cannot get by working through these on your own.
Not sure which of these resources is right for you? Or maybe you are resourced out and need that one-on-one coaching to help you implement what you have already learned. Whichever it may be, I am here to help!

Are you leading for the right reasons?

You may have heard it said that anyone can be a leader or that everyone is a leader. This is a very popular message of our time. But is it the right message?

Perhaps the real question you should be asking is: “Should I be a leader?”

This book tackles that very question and is a great resource for anyone aspiring to be a leader or currently in leadership.
This book will challenge your motivation, and if you pass the “test,” it will set you on the solid ground needed to become a great leader.

What is your leadership vice?

You did it. You have become a leader. But do you know what your blind spot is?
Did you know there are five common pitfalls that cripple leaders ability to lead? It is true. And odds are, you have more than one of them.

This book will truly challenge you to face the issues crippling your ability to lead. As each of us will struggle differently with the five temptations, this is a great book for group study and one-on-one coaching. Having the opportunity to learn from peers while being reassured you are not alone in this is well worth the time invested in it.

Trying to figure out how to grow as a leader?

Sometimes leaders get stuck, or unsure of what they need to do to grow or how to do it. In comes John Maxwell with his 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.
This is a great book to work through to find out where you are stuck and get yourself unstuck.

Excellent resource for self-study, masterminds, and one-on-one coaching.
Pick the chapters that seem to apply, or go for them all, the choice is yours.

Succeeding tomorrow starts with what you do today!

Too often we wait till we are in the heat of the moment to make a decision. But is that the best way to do it?
What would it be like if you made the decision before the pressure was on? How would that help you make better decisions?

This concept is simple in nature, and yet missed by so many leaders and organizations. If you want to maximize your leadership potential and the health of your organization, it starts with the decisions you make today.

Excellent resource for self/group-study and one-on-one coaching.

Looking to improve your level of Influence?

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence. Learn simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, and watch your personal and organizational success go off the charts.

This is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to level up how they engage with others and ability to build up other leaders.

Great for self/group-study and one-on-one coaching.

Want to improve your ability to connect?

Whether you are looking to be understood, or improve your ability to understand others, it comes down to how you connect.

Your ability to connect with others, to learn how to relate with them, significantly increases your ability to communicate with and lead others.

This resource pairs well with behavioral assessment tools like DISC and can be used for self-study, group workshops, and one-on-one coaching.

Looking to expand your horizons?

Sometimes the best leadership development plan is to expand your horizons with a barrage of great lessons. This approach exposes you to multiple topics which can lead to more targeted training and growth. If this sound more like where you are at, then this is a great resource for you.

Excellent self-study resource and even better to share what you learn with others as you work through the book together.

How is your ability to shift as a leader?

Life is not static and your your leadership journey should shift to reflect that.

Through this material you will learn how how to go from people pleasing to challenging people.
How to shift from maintaining to creating.
How to move from being goal-oriented to growth-oriented.
And a whole lot more.

As shifting is rarely easy, this is a great resource to work through with others where you are able to tap into the collective insights of the group, be encourage, and encourage others.

Do you know your Genius?

Great leaders not only know what they are good at, they know what energizes them. This allows them to prioritize what they do with what will give them energy, while bringing others along side them to fill in the gaps.

Remember the last time you did something for hours on end and still felt like you had the energy to keep on going? That is what it is like when you are working in your area of genius.
Now, imagine what you could do with a whole team that included all 6 types of genius to energize the process of getting things done?

Unlike other personality profiling tools, this tool is more about productivity and where we find our joy or energy in the process of getting things done. From initial ideation, through activation, all the way to implementation, you need the right geniuses involved at the right time.
Take advantage of this wonderful tool through individual assessment and debrief, or team assessment and debrief, or a full 2-4 hour workshop.

6 Working Genius video series

Next Steps…

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