Whether you are looking for self-study resources or facilitated workshops to help your organization experience the benefits of being Healthy, you have come to the right place.
Not sure which of these great resources is right for you? I would be happy to guide you.

Mix & Match to fit your needs!

As you explore these resource options you will find that even though these can be done on there own, there is overlap between them.
Often the best solution to a problem is a multi-pronged approach.
Combining these resources into a customized workshop will often yield the best results.
I can help you figure out which approach will be best for you and your organization.


Tired of dysfunction and want to build a cohesive leadership team?
Consider a team assessment and a 2-4 hour workshop to help reset your team.

5 Dysfunctions Video Series


Do you want to destroy the barriers that turn colleagues into competitors?
How about getting rid of internal politics, silos, and turf wars?
Figuring out your Thematic Goal will help!

If this matches your need, consider a 2 hour workshop where we wrestle this to the ground. Or better yet, combine it with the 5 Dysfunctions of the Team workshop for added impact.

Thematic Goal Video Summary


Tired of boring, unproductive meetings that no one wants to go to? Then this resource is for you.
Need help implementing?
How about a workshop and some coaching to help you experience the meetings you always wanted?

Job Misery

What would happen if everyone on your team or in your organization looked forward to coming to work each day?
Need I say more?

This is a great resource for self-study, on-one-on coaching, or a leadership team workshop.

Ideal Team Player

Tired of hiring people only to have them not work out?
Would you like to know how the three virtues of an ideal team player?
This is a great resource for self-study, working through with your leadership team, or via a facilitated workshop where you learn to identify your existing ideal team players, why others are not, and how to adjust your hiring practices to find more of the right people.

Next Steps…

Whether you are ready to jump in, or looking for a conversation to help you decide if this is right for you, don’t hesitate any longer. Contact Me Today. I look forward to assisting you on your journey to become a healthy organization.