Organizational health is the single greatest competitive advantage in any business.

Patrick Lencioni

Benefits of a Healthy Organization

For maximum results, organizations need to be Smart and Healthy. Being Smart is about having effective strategies, marketing, finances and technology. These are critical components to any organization. Being Healthy is about creating a culture that is able to take advantage of being Smart. Healthy organizations minimize the toxic effects of confusion and dysfunction while raising morale and productivity. In turn, employee turnover is reduced as organizations are able to retain their best people.

Signs of a Healthy Organization

  • Minimal Politics
  • Minimal Confusion
  • High Morale
  • High Engagement
  • Low Turnover

My Story

Why I believe organizational health matters:

Throughout my working history I have experienced both healthy and unhealthy work cultures. I have worked for those who would shun and mistreat unwanted employees until they left, losing the good ones in the process. And I have worked for those who inspired others, creating a culture of joy and pride. As I took on my early leadership roles I learned quickly just how much of an impact a leader can have on their team as I witnessed drastic changes in team performance depending on which supervisor was running the shift. These experiences solidified in me the desire to be a great leader that created a healthy work culture where people loved coming to work.

My resolve and leadership skills were really put to the test when I started my own dental practice. I had a great office, excellent technology, an amazing team, and the quality of our patient care was well received. And yet, I knew there was more. I knew the office could be doing better financially but I was struggling to get it to where I knew it could be. Then I hired a consultant to work with me and the team which highlighted where we needed to focus: leveraging the Healthy component. With some fine tuning of how we worked together, we experienced a 45% increase in revenue in less than a year. Talk about how being Healthy can leverage the being Smart.

Fast forward to when nerve damage took me out of dentistry, you can see why I chose to pursue my passion in leadership and organizational health to help others experience the many rewards that come with being Healthy.

My Approach

Creating healthy organizations where people thrive and enjoy their work.

It is my hope that healthy work cultures become the standard means of operation for any organization. As more leaders and organizations experience the benefits of being Smart and Healthy, others will be encouraged to follow suit. With their continued success, healthy organizations will no longer be a competitive advantage as they will be the only way to do things.

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