Do you have a team like this?

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Employee turnover got you down?

Employee turnover can be one of the most costly, yet preventable expenses faced by business owners.

Did you know it can cost you up to a full years wages in lost revenue every time you replace an employee?

Although employee turnover is impossible to eliminate completely, it can be greatly reduced. When a leader invests in their team, in the right way, job satisfaction is improved and employee retention increases.

I tried but it didn’t work. How do I know which is the right way?

Considering each employee and their needs are unique it can be hard and time consuming to determine the core source of employee turnover, especially when you are part of that team. This is were an outside source like me comes in!

I have the training and resources to help you assess the source of your employee turnover problems. From there, I set you up with a customized plan of coaching, training, and/or workshops to help address the core problems so you may enjoy the benefits of a long lasting, stable team.

So if you want to get a grip on your employee turnover issues, or if you want to ensure you avoid them in the future, contact me today.

Did you know your team is your greatest resource?

If you were to coach a sports team, would you leave your best players on the bench? Would you put your players in positions they weren’t trained for? Of course not! You put the best players on the field in their areas of strength and training. So why would you not do the same with the team you work with?

Perhaps you never looked at it that way or need some help?

When we think of our assets it can be easy to forget to include our team in our assessment. Perhaps that is because it is easier to quantify tools or products than it is to understand the potential and value our team adds to the organization. And yet, next to personal growth and development, your team is the primary asset to leverage to achieve the next level of success and joy in your organization.

Do you know the strengths of your team members?

Each person on your team has their own unique set of gifts and strengths. When employees have the opportunity to develop and work in their strengths, not only does it improve job satisfaction and employee retention, it also improves productivity and bottom line for the organization.

Some strengths are obvious and yet many are harder to discern, even for the person who has them. Through one-on-one and team workshops, I can help you determine the strengths of you and your team so you can maximize all your assets.

What are the dreams of your employees?

One of the best ways to leverage your team is to invest in them and their growth. When aligned with the dreams and goals of your employees you have a winning combination that not only helps your employees experience joy and success in their work, the entire team and organization wins. It takes time and continued effort to build a work culture where all employees are working in their strengths and accomplishing their goals. Yet the benefits are worth it because when the employees are happy and feel successful, you and the organization reap the benefits.

Need a “one and done” team building solution?

With the right start, building an effective team can pay huge dividends over the long run. Even if you didn’t start well, the right training can get the team on the right track. But the work does not stop there.

Team building is an ongoing process that requires regular maintenance. Even when things are going well, every team is either growing into their next success, or coasting into their next failure.

Would you fly with an airline that didn’t believe in maintenance?

Like most things, your team requires regular maintenance to keep it in top shape. There are many ways a leader can continue to build up their team, but time and resources often limit the potential. By bringing in outside help for regular training and team building workshops you can keep your team in tip top shape, unlocking their full potential.

Whether you are looking for one-on-one training for select employees, or full team building workshops to improve how your team functions and unlock their full potential, I have customizable options to suit your organization’s needs.

Contact me today to see how I can help you and your team grow to your potential!